Hearing Aid Overview

Hearing aids can drastically improve your listening experience.

People who choose to treat hearing loss with hearing aids report improved relationships and a better quality of life. Dr. Austin has been pairing people with the right hearing aids for over fifteen years, with a deep knowledge of the latest technologies. Every patient’s lifestyle and needs are unique, and we work with you to find your perfect fit.

It’s not too late to learn more about your hearing aids and you don’t need to have purchased them through us. We have walked thousands of hearing aid users through the ins and outs of their hearing aids and we can help you, too. Contact us today!

Types of hearing aids

There is an incredible range of options across the hearing aid market, but we categorize them as either In-the-ear or Behind-the-ear. Each has its own merits and we’ll work with you to sort through the many possibilities within these larger categories to find the style and model that work for you. Find out more about the types of hearing aids here.



These discreet hearing aids are custom-fit for each wearer and fit right inside the ear canal. They range from invisible in the canal — essentially unnoticeable to others — to sitting right at the entrance to the ear canal. These small but mighty devices are perfect for someone with mild to moderate hearing loss who wants their hearing aid to be personalized to their ear for ease of insertion and comfort.


For longer battery life and more technological options, these larger hearing aid options are still quite subtle. The main components of the hearing aid (battery, microphone and other mechanics) sit behind the ear and a small tube connects this to an earpiece directly in the ear canal. There is also a Receiver-in-the-ear type, which is very similar, except that the speaker of the hearing aids sits in the ear canal.

Our Hearing Technology Partners



What doesn’t have Bluetooth these days? The technological advancements that have superconnected our world have also infused hearing aids with even more range than ever before. Whether you’re an early adopter or a tech newbie, we love working with clients to help them find the most useful and accessible lifestyle integration.

Bluetooth and hearing aids

Hearing aids that have Bluetooth capabilities make it easy to connect with the audio of your smartphone, television or any other streaming device. Switch effortlessly between sound information from the environment around you to a call on your smartphone, all made simple with the aid of an app.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Make way for a more sustainable and budget-friendly way to power your hearing aids. Advancements have made rechargeable hearing aids more convenient than ever before, substantially lengthening the battery life per charge.

There are many options for rechargeable devices.  We are so glad to offer these to our clients in search of the hearing aid that not only eliminates the nuisance of changing batteries, but the repeated cost of purchasing disposable batteries time and time again. An array of portable charging accessories mean you’ll never be caught without full sound. Moreover, it’s one less thing to worry about! Rather than monitoring replacement batteries, rechargeable hearing aid wearers simply charge their batteries overnight and wake up refreshed and fully charged. 

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